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Counseling is a supportive process that provides a safe, nonjudgmental space to work through the
challenges, traumas, changes, and struggles that we all experience in life. As counselors, it is our job to listen, support, and sometimes gently challenge the client as we facilitate the healing journey and discovery process. We invite our clients to be active participants in the counseling process and to be present, genuine, and honest throughout our sessions. It will be important for us to develop goals for your treatment, identify small or large steps towards progress, and collectively provoke positive change

Treatment Areas:

– Self-Esteem
– Body Image
– Boundaries
– Anxiety
– Depression
– Familial issues
– Family and Relationship Counseling
– Interpersonal Relationship Challenges
– Trauma and Abuse
– Eating Disorders

  •  Food Addictions Issue
  •  Emotional Overeating
  •  Compulsive Eating

– Personality Disorders
– Mood Disorders
– Self-Injurious Behaviors


– Person-Centered Therapy
– Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
– Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
– Talk Therapy
– Interpersonal Therapy
– Mindfulness-Based Therapy
– Narrative Therapy
– Play Therapy
– Expressive Arts Therapy

Our approach is informed by and tailored to the unique person and their experiences in life. We will work together to develop goals and a treatment plan to determine how best to support the client throughout the process.
Most importantly, our work together will be informed by the unique person and their experiences in life. We will work together to develop goals and how best to support the client in reaching those, as well as periodically review goals to ensure they are still pertinent. This is a partnership, and we are so honored to assist in facilitating and cocreating this journey with you.

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